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When I purchased my first Toshiba laptop, the feature that stood out the most was its screen. Boasting 15 inches, its screen was almost as large as a small television. In fact, I actually enjoyed watching DVD movies on it more. I also enjoyed playing CDs on the Toshiba laptop. The sound quality was amazing. So, whether you want to fall asleep while watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie or while listening to the velvety voice of Luther Vandross, the Toshiba laptop can accommodate you.

Another feature of the Toshiba laptop that caught my attention was its speed. Whenever I needed a function to be performed, it was done so efficiently and effortlessly. There was not any lag time. The computer did not need to “think” about what needed to be done. It just did it.

I also loved the Toshiba laptop’s keyboard. The keys fitted my fingers perfectly. I especially appreciated how tight the keyboard was made. The keys were raised at just the right height to add more speed to my typing.

Yet, another feature I liked about the Toshiba laptop was its mouse. Being able to maneuver the pointer with just the slightest touch of my finger was awesome. And, being able to right-click or left-click with just my thumb increased my ability to move quickly from screen to screen.

Although the Toshiba laptop has a large screen, it is rather lightweight. It fits nicely in the average computer bag. Also, it has a sleek, smooth feel to it. It is both stylish and classy.

Overall, the Toshiba laptop is a nice computer. Its big screen sealed the deal for me. But, all of the other features previously mentioned also played a role in its purchase. I needed a computer for my online classes. I needed one that was built for speed. I wanted one that was pleasing to the eye. I got that, and more, in the Toshiba laptop.