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Samsung has developed a reputable name for itself in the electronics industry. They manufacture everything from smartphones and televisions to high-end washers and dryers. With the exception of the current issues going on with their Note 7 smartphones, their brand as developed a reputation of making quality products. But what about their laptops? The competition in this field is tough, to say the least, and the company is not really considered a major player in the laptop market. So how do they compare to many of the other manufacturers that are considered major competitors?

Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of the company’s laptops in order to provide you with the information you need to know before deciding a Samsung laptop is for you.


Versatility: Samsung has a large selection of laptops available that are ideal for just about any tasks. From lightweight models that are perfect for the on-the-go professional, to more robust models that provide plenty of power for serious gamers and those that do a large amount of video and photographic editing.

Price: For the majority of the company’s laptops, their prices fit well with those on a budget that cannot afford to pay high-end prices but still need a laptop that can perform. Some of their models to have some fairly high price tags, but when you compare features with more expensive competitor models, many of Samsung laptops are still a great value. Their Chromebooks are especially value-driven, providing consumers with affordable laptops that run on the Google Chrome OS and granting access to all of the Google services and products.


Short Battery Life: One of the downfalls to Samsung laptops are the short battery life found on many of their latest releases. While many of their competitors are releasing laptops with extended battery life, Samsung seems to be content with the same shorter life spans of their batteries.

Outdated Design Language: Samsung has kept the same design language on the laptops for the past three years. Other companies have upgraded many of their laptops design while Samsung seems to be stuck on what they already have.


Overall, Samsung laptops are a good option if you need a laptop but are on a strict budget. If you need a computer for work or school that does not have all of the bells and whistles many of the other leading manufacturers seem to be coming out with, then a Samsung laptop might be exactly what you are looking for.