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While Razer is best known for their gaming peripherals (e.g. headsets, mouse, etc.), they also produce excellent laptops that are well known for their quality. Razer laptops have an exceptionally sleek appearance, and they are smaller than nearly every other laptop on the market. This makes it easy to transport them.

In addition, their laptops come with a backlight and stylish casing. Laptops from Razer also come with a stand, which is uncommon for laptop computers. The program software and hardware set up is just as sleek as the design, as there is no unnecessary bloatware.

They have laptops that offer up to 16GB of RAM, which ensures the computer runs fast for gaming and other uses that require a lot of computing power. The processor speed of popular Razer laptops is also exceptionally fast at 2.7 GHZ, but this can be turbo boosted to 3.5 GHZ! The memory processor speed of their most popular models is a fast 1,866 MHZ.

Razer’s laptops also have plenty of storage on the hard drive. This ensures that you are able to store all the games and files that you need. The high tech cooling system ensures that the system remains at the right temperature if you are using the computer for a long period of time.

The graphics on Razer laptops are superior to a vast majority of other computers. Razer uses state of the art graphics technology. There is 8GB of space on the graphics card of popular Razer laptops, and a unique pixel system is used to improve the image quality. In addition, the sound from Razer laptops is as good as the graphics.

Razer laptops have a unique keyboard set up. There are keys that allow you to connect to major social media sites, which is convenient for people who are active on social media platforms. The keyboard is also great for gamers. There are keys that connect to several popular PC games. However, you can configure the keyboard to be able to connect to games of your choosing. There also are ten keys that you can program yourself for any purpose.

In addition, with select purchases of the Razer Blade Stealth, you can also get a mobile device with your purchase that has a value of 179 dollars. Also included is FL Studio 12 Producer Edition, valued at $199. You also get two PC games with your computer purchase for free. Razer also offers free shipping on any of their laptops. In fact, they offer free shipping for any order of 49 dollars.

There have been twenty awards won by Razer for the quality of their laptops. These awards have come from some very well known sources, such as PC Mag and Reader’s Choice. In addition, there are many excellent reviews of Razer laptops that you can read from customers.