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Microsoft only makes three different systems, but its Surface 2-in-1s have a wild popularity, and the company has certainly revolutionized modern technology with its fun approach. Original thinking comes to the forefront, and innovative was certainly in mind when the company created their Surface Book laptops. The eccentric hinge design has set a new trend for Surface tablets.

Microsoft: The Problem

One of Microsoft’s deadliest sins is their tendency of releasing products before they have been finished. This is something we saw with the wonky camera found with the Surface Pro 4, along with the awkward touchpad they added on the Surface Book. Microsoft could have taken more time with smoothing out the flaws to release a solid product, but they took the road of instant gratification. In addition to leaving things half done, Microsoft has few products at a sky-high rate in comparison to some of the competition. It’s almost ridiculous seeing how the company charges you an extra $130 for a Surface keyboard.

Everything You Need to Know About the Surface Book

The Surface Book Pro 4 definitely turned a couple heads when Microsoft released it. This is one of the lightest and thinnest 2-in-1s money can buy, and it has a sleek appearance. Microsoft brought the same aesthetic appeal over to their first laptop, but it was not the supreme laptop the company claimed. When you connect the 13-inch tablet to the keyboard dock, you have a treaded fulcrum hinge that, while different, is polarizing. Microsoft was trying to be original with the short front lip, but it made opening the laptop more difficult, and you have an audio jack placed in an inconvenient area. If Microsoft wants to compete with Samsung or Apple, they will need to step up their game or be outpaced.

A Middle Ranked Laptop Brand

A lot of good could be said about the Surface 3, so it received four stars out of five. Nevertheless, it’s still just average. Microsoft, overall, receives a middle ranking because while you have an excellent portable design, decent battery life and affordable price, the cost of the keyboard dock and the limited ports show there are products that offer a better value for your dollar. Meanwhile, the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book did not perform up to the quality of the Surface 3 and received a 3.5 stars. You had less battery life, greater inconveniences, and the touchpad wasn’t worth the extra cash.

How’s the Tech Support?

Surprisingly good, actually. During Microsoft’s first year in competition, they rose to second place, and they had accurate phone agents with a thorough list of resources. The support team did occasionally hand you inaccurate answers, but they offered a correct fix soon after. The problem with Microsoft’s tech support is how they make the toll-free support agents inaccessible. It’s crucial a company offers prompt service, and this didn’t quite stack up.

The advantage of buying one of Microsoft’s 2-in-1s is how you receive a one-year limited warranty, and the company pays for shipping if you have to send the laptop in. Keep in mind, however, if you upgrade your machine, you will void the warranty. Nevertheless, the sealed design of the Surface Book means you probably couldn’t swap out the storage or the memory even if you wanted to. In general, you have a solid brand backed by a giant corporation. The company does have to work on their tendency for releasing products with serious flaws. It’s okay to release a software that has a few bugs to fix with the upcoming updates, but it’s completely unacceptable when people pay their hard-earned money for half-baked products with camera problems and touchpad issues.