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With its line of Mac laptops, Apple continues to be one of the best-selling and best-reviewed developers and distributors of computers in the world. Those that are looking for Mac laptops will find that there are several different options to choose from, which can be purchased through either the Apple website, an Apple retail store, or a variety of approved retailers that can sell them through their website or brick and mortar stores.

One of the best selling Mac laptops is the MacBook, which is known and well reviewed for its lightweight shell, beautiful display, and long battery life. The laptop weighs only about two pounds and is only 13 millimeters thin, which makes it easy to transport. While the laptop is small in size, it provides users with a substantial amount of capabilities and battery life. Consumers have enjoyed the MacBook thus far due to the battery life and ease of use.

Those that are looking for a larger laptop that has more capabilities can choose the MacBook air, which has a higher screen. While the base MacBook can only go up to around 11 inches, the MacBook Air can be as large as a 13-inch screen. At the same time, the MacBook Air is still a lightweight device that provides users with the ability to get a lot of work accomplished.

The largest and most powerful laptop that Mac produces is the MacBookPro. This laptop has the fastest processor, longest battery life, and best visuals. While the laptop is heavier than the others that Mac produces, it is still considered a lighter option compared to other laptops in the market. Of all Mac laptops available, this is the best option for those that want to graphic design, web building, or do a lot of gaming.

Overall, consumers seem to enjoy Mac laptops due to their durability, resistance to viruses, and multi-use capabilities. While they tend to be more expensive than other laptops, they tend to last longer. Furthermore, Apple has dozens of retail stores and service centers located all over the country, which can help make any repairs when necessary.