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Although a laptop gives you the freedom to work anywhere, if you are like most people, then you probably end up using your laptop at your desk more often than not. And when you are using it at your desk, a laptop stand is a great way to improve the ergonomics of your setup.

Below, we have outlined a few of the most popular stands on the market.

Griffin Elevator

One of the most popular products in this space, you can probably find a Griffin Elevator stand in almost any office. The stand is lightweight and collapses into three pieces, which is great for those who want a stand that travels well. It’s also fairly affordable, usually selling for less than $50. As for downsides, this laptop stand has a relatively large footprint, so it won’t save you much space, and its height is not adjustable.

Rain Design mStand

Another popular option, the mStand by Rain Design is a gorgeous, brushed-chrome product that will thrill the design-conscious user. The mStand’s most innovative aspect is its miniature base— it will save you room on your desk by decreasing your laptop’s footprint. However, this stand doesn’t collapse or flatten at all, which makes it a pain to carry around. And it usually retails for $10-$20 more than competing products.

Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Stand

If you’ve been eyeing a “standing” desk, but were turned off by the exorbitant prices, then check out this stand from Executive Office Solutions. Not only is highly adjustable, it also comes with “telescoping” legs, which can extend to 2 feet in height. Then when you want to sit down, simply collapse the legs, and you have a totally normal laptop stand—about six to eight inches above your desk, depending on your preferences.

AmazonBasics Ventilated Stand

This model, which is available exclusively through Amazon, features a mesh base which is ideal for those worried about their laptops overheating. The wire mesh allows your laptop’s undercarriage to “breathe” and cool off, while also angling your keyboard and screen to improve your working experience. If you are particular about getting your laptop at just the right angle, simply adjust the the stand’s base, then use the metal clamps to lock it into place.

Fitueyes Storage Stand

This unique options give you great ergonomics, plus it includes a convenient shelf for storing a mouse, a mini speaker, notebooks, or anything else you might have laying around your desk. Unlike the stands listed above, this versatile piece isn’t designed exclusively for laptops. If you prefer, it could just as easily serve as a monitor stand, or even as the base for a small flatscreen TV. If you simply need more room on your desk or around your office, this is a great product that won’t lock you into any particular configuration of your equipment.

When looking for a laptop stand, there are enough options on the market that you won’t need to settle. Keep looking, and you won’t have any trouble finding something that fits your laptop and your preferences perfectly.