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This article will tell you how to find the best internal hard drive for your laptop. There are 3 main types of hard drives that will work with a laptop. They are solid state drives, solid state hybrid drives, and hard disk drive. To decide which type of hard drive is best for you, it’s necessary to decide how you will intend to use it. If you are using a laptop it is generally recommended that you stick with SSDs and SSHDs. All hard drives that use solid state technology are faster than traditional hard disc drives, but they tend to cost more money. If you don’t care about price, then solid state technology is the way to go. If price is a factor and you want to maximize storage, you may prefer an HDD or a SSHD.

Price and Compatibility

A 1TB HDD will cost you less than $100. An SSD of the same size can cost you more than $300. The extra $200 is a serious concern for many consumers as that money could be spent on other computer hardware. You must be very familiar with the hardware of your laptop. Some hard drives use IDE technology and others use SATA technology. IDE technology is necessary to run an HDD, but SSD will only work with SATA. There are consumers who find that having both an HDD and SSD in their laptop is the optimal solution.

It should be apparent to everyone that your internal hard drive is of crucial importance to your computer’s performance. Your hard drive stores all the information on your PC and it accesses that information when a program requests it. You need a hard drive that is both reliable and fast. This will improve the speed of your computer, improve game load times and system boot up times. We all know the inconvenience of turning a computer on and having to wait minutes before using it because of a slow hard drive. Your hard drive will even improve the load speed of your applications. Not only your browser, but your files and folders will load faster with a good hard drive. Deciding what hard drive to buy can be a large financial decision. Make sure you know what your needs are before you spend your hard earned money on this purchase.

Be mindful of the reason you are purchasing a hard drive. If you are a casual laptop user who doesn’t play games and will not be downloading many files you may not need an expensive drive. Your operating system will only take about 20GB of data. In this case, the most important thing for you will be the reliability of your drive. Speed and capacity may be secondary considerations. Hard drives can fail at times and there is an inverse relationship between the speed of a hard drive and its failure rate. These failures can be time-consuming and stressful. Even amongst the most trusted hard drive brands failure can occur. Be aware that the faster a hard drive spins the more prone it becomes to failure. Slower spinning drives can give you more storage space per dollar.


Solid state drives are by far the fastest technology on the market, but they are expensive and have a higher failure rate. Hard disc drives are slower but they have a lower failure rate and do not cost much money. Solid state hybrid drives are a good compromise. They offer better speeds and lots of storage for less money. Decide what features of a laptop hard drive are most important to you before you make a purchase.