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Amazon Basics

If you’re a student in high school or college, then the Amazon Basics is a laptop bag that you want to have. It’s a simple design that has plenty of room for your laptop as well as your charger and a few papers or files that you need to carry with you. The padded interior keeps your laptop safe while walking from class to class or while you’re traveling in your vehicle.

AVA Backpack

This bag looks more like a backpack for school than it does a laptop bag. It’s ideal for women as it has an appealing design and is lightweight. The nylon material makes it a bag that is built to last for a long time. The bag comes in four colors and has a vertical design so that it can be carried on the back when you need to have the arms and hands free. Several compartments are located on the exterior and interior of the bag for all of your pencils, pens and even a few notebooks aside from the adequate space for your laptop.

Asus ROG

Those who have to carry a larger laptop will appreciate the space in this bag. The padding is a little better than most other bags, giving the best protection possible while carrying your laptop and other supplies. You can even take along a laptop, mouse and other components to the laptop if you’re going to be away from home for some time.

Chrome Industries Excursion

This is a bag for those who might be outside for long periods of time or who travel from one location to another with a laptop. The bag is waterproof, protecting your laptop and other supplies that you have. There are also cargo loops that can be used with bike U-locks and numerous compartments for storage.