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Gateway laptops have a long reputation of being affordable consumer friendly products. This does not mean that they are free of complaints. Gateway has produced a line of “high-end” laptops that cost less than $1000 for the base model. For other brands, prices under this level constitute mid or low range laptops. The reviews are highly mixed for Gateway’s laptops with many customers highly satisfied with long term usage. Yet, some customers have been sorely disappointed and regret their purchase.

A laptop from Gateway will probably have good specs at a low price. You can get an i5 Gateway laptop with more than 4GB of RAM and a large hard drive for under $1000. The design will also be sleek and comfortable. It will come with a touchpad that you can use in lieu of a mouse and a battery that lasts more than 4 hours for remote use. Gateway’s latest models are also slimmer than past generations. They come with a webcam that will allow convenient video chatting in HD resolution, and they are fast for general purposes.

Gateway offers its laptops in both Intel and AMD configurations. The majority of models have low power consumption to maximize battery life. Gateways lowest end laptops will cost around $500 and scale up from there are more features and processing power are added. All Gateway laptops come with Windows software and the majority will be using the Windows 10 version of the operating system.

There are several cons to purchasing a Gateway laptop. In order to offer more economical hardware, Gateway has had to compromise on portability and convenience in some respects. Gateway laptops will be heavier than the typical model from other companies. They can be as heavy as 6 lbs and feel clunky when you have them on your lap. Some customers consider Gateway’s range of laptops to be generally unattractive looking. They lament that Gateway should spend more time working on the design of their products.

There is a general consensus that Gateway makes products that are an incredible financial bargain. Their “high-end” laptops aren’t really high end, but they will get you a good amount of processing power for under $1000. If you are looking for a true premium laptop look elsewhere. Gateway doesn’t produce those, but their laptops still may be worth buying if saving money is your chief concern.