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Dell is known for making a substantial product when it comes to laptops. From the Dell Latitude to the XPS, there is a variety of options depending on what you’re using the laptop for, such as school or working in an office.

As with any laptop, there are positive and negative aspects to all of them. One of the main complaints about Dell laptops is the battery life. The battery just won’t hold a charge for a long period of time, which is not great if you’re using it to play games or if you have a lot of research to get done at one time and don’t want to keep the cord plugged in while on the computer. However, the overall design of the laptops that are offered as well as the competitive pricing seem to make up for the lack of battery life.

The keyboard with most Dell laptops is comfortable and easy to use. The keys are a bit larger than most laptops, making it easy to type without worrying about hitting other keys, especially if you’re a fast typer. There is a solid shell to laptops that are made, making them sturdy for those who carry them around a lot during the day. The solid outer shell also provides a bit of comfort while it’s in a book bag or another type of bag, giving you the security that you need to carry it without it getting cracked.

Some of the lower priced laptops, such as the Inspiron 11, gives you just what you pay for instead of all the bells and whistles that you would expect to find. It does have an attractive design, but there is a decreased speed as well as a decreased amount of storage. If you’re looking for something that you can keep several files on, then spend a little more money for a better Dell laptop.