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I love my Chromebooks, I have two. I can’t believe more people don’t use these. I think they’re really the wave of the future. The Chrome operating system is really user-friendly. It integrates with my Android phone, so it’s easy to transfer photos from the phone to the laptop.

This device has everything I need. There’s a webcam, a microphone, and the speakers are great. The display is crystal clear and graphics display really well on my Chromebooks. I have three USB ports, and I can easily insert the memory card from my camera when I need to.

Like I said before, I have two Chromebooks. I have a 15″ Acer Chromebook at home, which I use for just about everything. Whether it’s watching movies and TV, listening to music, shopping, or reading, this little machine does it all. I also have a 13″ first-generation HP Chromebook, which I keep in my book bag and take with me every day. I love the little one, because I can easily take it to a coffee shop and proofread my work before I head into the office. We use Google Docs and Google Sheets at work. I can easily use these on my Chromebook, so everything is seamless for me.

A couple of times per week, people actually comment on the little one. They think it’s cool, or say it might be great for their older parents or younger kids. Chromebooks have a lot to offer everyone, but for someone very young or very old they are perfect. They’re just so intuitive and easy to use.

If you’re a power user, you honestly might need a desktop in addition to a Chromebook. It isn’t the greatest device for serious gamers. If you need to make professional-level films or music, this may not be the go-to device for you. But for most of us, Chromebooks are the wave of the future. These are great for part-time students like me. They’re affordable, they’re efficient, they’re lightweight. And most importantly, they perform really well. I love them to bits, no pun intended.