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If your loved one needs a laptop, or if you just need an upgrade, the sales are excellent! Check out the laptop deals at Best Buy for your technology needs.

2-in-1 Laptops

Students and busy professionals alike will enjoy a 2-in-1 laptop. This machine ca serve as a laptop and a tablet, is lightweight and travels well. There are several brands that offer a solid state drive for maximum data access. Please note that you will need an external CD-rom drive if you purchase a 2-in-1.

Units Built For Power

If you’re in need of a unit that can load and process a great deal of data while moving easily from one program to the next, consider one of the HP Envy laptops. These tools offer a numerical keypad for fast data entry, 8GB of memory and 1TB hard drive. Do you need a CD-rom drive built-in? Consider the Samsung Notebook 7. If a larger monitor is critical for split screen work, you’ll appreciate the Asus 17.3″ laptop.

Laptops For Gamers

Laptops built to suit the particular needs of gamers are loaded with features to improve graphics quality and speed. For great visuals and plenty of data options, consider any of the MSI line of laptops. These tools feature a 512 GB solid state drive and are available up to 18.4 inches in size. Cybertron and Acer both offer great gaming units with a slightly smaller screen and price tag.

Solid State Drive Laptops

Business travelers and students will really enjoy knowing that their solid state drive laptop has a better chance of surviving daily travel. If part of your daily commute involves packing up your laptop, an SSD is a great investment. These units are usually small and quite lightweight for easy transport; several of them are under three pounds. Their portability does limit hardware and keyboard size. Be aware that if you need CD-rom drive or numeric ten-key, your choices may be limited.

Windows Laptops

If your preference or work requirements call for Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro, there are many laptops available to suit your need. Those who need a numeric ten key or a wide monitor will be pleased with the selection. There are more than 100 laptops available at Best Buy with a 17″ monitor or wider, and several are constructed as a 2-in-1 design. If you need a larger unit with numeric keypad, you can search through nearly 150 laptops for your perfect tool.

Current Sale Options

As of this writing, Best Buy sale prices include an Asus 17.3″ laptop with 1TB hard drive, 12 GB of memory and numeric keypad. Fans of the 2-in-1 design will find a terrific deal on the Samsung Notebook 7.

Final Thoughts

Laptops used to be thought of as a secondary tool, only to be used when on the road or when a desktop wasn’t available. However, as laptops have become more robust and workers have become more mobile, laptops have become their own portable offices. Make an investment on a quality laptop for yourself or a loved one, and make the whole world your office!