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Asus is a Taiwanese company with a history of producing a broad range of high quality laptop products. The company has made a jump in ratings in recent years, moving from 7th place among laptop manufacturers in 2015 to be beaten out only by Dell and Apple at the end of 2016. Asus laptops tend to include useful software, the latest technological advancements and decent warranty coverage at a fair price.

Quality and Selection

Laptop buyers have taken more notice this year of the quality of Asus machines compared to much of the competition. The laptops are built very well for the price. The company does not shy away from using some of the latest and most advanced hardware available, at least on their upper-end models.

Asus stands apart from many other manufactures in the broad range of possible machines and prices it offers. It also has a distinct way of delineating its product lines and styles. The economical and midrange products in its line-up are simply labeled as Asus. Its line of higher-end machines that are suitable for gamers and video editing enthusiasts are sold under the Republic of Gamers or ROG label. These machines have a decent price range, from as low as $400 to as high as $1500 or more. This form of dual-branding allows Asus to appeal to a much broader range of customers than most other manufacturers who end up forcibly specializing in either boring business and professional machines or expensive and flashing gaming rigs.

Design and Appearance

The design and appearance of Asus machines depends greatly on whether the laptop in question falls into the normal line or the ROG line. Asus’s normal machines are still well designed, tending to favor black coloring. They have smooth and rounded designs that are sharp and professional. With that said, they are in most respects average and don’t do anything spectacular, especially when compared to the Specter design recently released by HP.

The higher end ROG machines are considerably distinct from the other products in the Asus brand. They tend to have much bolder and more colorful designs, favoring orange, black and red. They truly stand out as gaming machines, with more advanced and flashy styling and angles. The ROG line of laptops is also more likely to have light-based styling such as illuminated keys or monitor edge lights.

Some recent models show that the company isn’t afraid to try new appearances. The G752, for example, did away with the entire color scheme and replaced it with silver and peach. While definitely refreshing, the argument could be made that most gamers tend to favor darker colors and flashier lights, and the vast majority of gaming machines trend toward that scheme. It remains to be seen of Asus will be a trend-setter or go back to the tried and true.

Tech Support

If the company has one major shortfall it is in tech support. Asus seems to favor the old-fashioned method of providing support to customers. This means the best and most reliable help is going to be over the phone. Phone-based support tends to be the least favored among modern laptop users, especially younger ones and gamers. This stands in contrast to the gaming-centric approach of the ROG product line.

The company does not cover this shortfall with equally reliable online and self-help support. The database is rather clunky, and many questions and help needs cannot be reliably answered through the online platform.


Asus delivers a decent warranty. It is one of the few to include accidental damage coverage on its mid and high range machines, including basically everything in the ROG line. Those with a lower-end machine, however, may find that their damage is not covered, and they will still have to pay for the product to be shipped out for repair.

Included and Brand Software

Asus laptops tend be loaded with plenty of additional software on purchase. This can be a mixed bag depending on the user’s needs. Many users may find themselves needing to go through and delete a fair amount of bloatware to free up space and speed up boot times. The ROG line again stands out in this area, including many software features and fine-tuning controls that gamers will both enjoy and make plenty of use of.

Final Verdict

Asus is beginning to stand up to some of the best competition in the industry when it comes to producing laptops. While they tend to run slightly more expensive compared to brands like Lenovo, they are consistently of high quality. The gaming-focused ROG brand is also a way to appeal to a wide audience. Users can be sure that pretty much no matter what they are looking for, they will find something to like in the Asus product line.