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The Apple laptop is one that has several benefits for the user who is on the go or who doesn’t spend a lot of time typing. There are also numerous negative aspects to this computer that really should have been thought out before it was put on the market and especially before the Apple MacBook was placed in the hands of so many school students across the country as a way for them to have technology in order to complete assignments.

One of the complaints is that the keys are too small and that they are too close together. The keyboard in general is ridiculously small, making it hard for those who need to be on the computer for long periods of time to get anything accomplished. There are many times when the keyboard doesn’t work at all or when it’s so sensitive that it continues to type letters even after you’re done. At other times, you’ll find that the trackpad doesn’t work as it should and doesn’t allow you to click on the proper things that are on the screen.

After using the computer for a short time, it appears as thought it will simply not want to start. It might turn on, but getting the computer to do anything but show a blank screen is beyond impossible. It’s as though only a couple of years is the life of this computer, which is sad because of the high price that comes with the unit compared to some of the other computers that are on the market. You’ll often see error messages while you’re typing and screens that just go away while you’re in the middle of doing something. When you’re typing, you need to have a piece of paper on hand as this is what you’ll probably end up using because of the way that the screens are set up to look so small that it’s difficult to see what you’re doing.